How to Get the News

In addition to this blog, there are two other ways to get news about the upcoming Constitution Day march of the Famous Marching Presidents. For those with Facebook accounts, simply search for the Famous Marching Presidents and click on the fan page. There are daily updates and interesting bits of trivia. We highly recommend it.

And for those who march, there is the Famous Marching Presidents Newsline which is emailed to all active marchers. If you did not get the first edition, please contact the the organizing committee at

Michael Young


Presidents March 9/11/11

After a rather long hiatus, your Famous Marching Presidents news blog is back in operation. This year, we will be stepping off on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011 from the top of Broad Street. The festivities begin at noon in the Miner’s Foundry for photos and general socializing.

This year’s theme honors the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment of the Constitution which gave women the right to vote.
The Sargeants, a Nevada City family, wrote the amendment.

Michael Young

Pocket Constitutions

By Karen Chizek

The Famous Marching Presidents Education and Outreach Committee obtained generous donations from the Nevada City Rotary and the Gold Country Kiwanis clubs to assist us in our goals for outreach and educaton.  We have used the donations to purchase handouts of the Constitution to be distributed by all of us as we march down Broad Street in the Constitution Day Parade. We would like them to go to children/students but if other people in the crowd request one, you may hand them one.
The Consitution handouts will be in a tub in the Stone Hall in bundles of 25.  Please take one bundle to hand to students along the route prior to AND after we gather in front of the Judges’ stand.   NOTE: Per the Chamber of Commerce parade rules, we cannot throw any items into the crowd; this includes candy and the Consitutions! Contemporary presidents at the front of the march can tell the crowd that earlier presidents near the end of the  parade will also be handing out pamphlets.

Don’t Forget the Pre-Party

By Michael Young

A reminder that Presidents, First Ladies, guests and assorted hangers-on are invited to the Famous Marching Presidents pre-party on Friday, Sept. 11, starting at 5:30. It will be located at Jesse and Kay Conner’s superb beer cellar at 422 Searls Ave. Nevada City.

This event is a pot luck and BYOB so bring something to munch on and a couple of bottles of wine or beer and whatever pleases you. Dress is casual 21st century.

The Official Schedule

By Chris Towne

Presidents, First Ladies, Secret Service, Staff, guests, various marchers:
The Famous Marching Presidents gather at the Foundry at Noon Sunday Sept. 13, 2009.
12:15 Presidential Roll call, Introductions & Individual photos
1:30 Group photo
1:45 Head to Parade Spot # 50
2:oo 2009 Constitution Day Parade
4:00 back to the Miner’s Foundry for the evening’s events
4:00 Dinner is served…not to mention Cake!
5:00 Martin Van Buren has a few words and Introduces
MC Pearce”Terry” & Mary Ann Boyer
* Presentation of The Lambert Award
* Presentation of this years “Best Of” awards
* Live auction of RL Crabb’s “At Last”
This evenings Music provided by Lorraine and the Burning Sensations

Ye Olde Deadline Approacheth

By Michael Young

Friday, Aug 14, is the deadline to return those registration forms/t-shirt orders with the appropriate remuneration to the bursar’s office (the enclosed envelopes). If you’ve committed to marching and you didn’t get the mailing, contact Phil Yager (Herbert Hoover) at or phone: (530) 470-9144.

Please act promptly. We’re marching Sept. 13, and we all know how hard it is to get a budget change through Congress.

We Have Our Obamas

By Michael Young

 Gregory Diaz, Nevada County’s Clerk-Recorder and Registrar of Voters, and his wife Katherine have agreed to portray our newest couple, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

“We are thrilled to have the Diaz’s join us this year portraying our 44th President and First Lady,” said Nan Patmont, chair of the Famous Marching Presidents steering committee.

 “Typically our Presidents and First Ladies march down Broad Street beginning with our first Presidential couple, George and Martha Washington, but on inagural years we reverse the order and honor the new President and First Lady by having them lead the parade. Please join me with a hearty “Hail to the Chief” welcome  to our newest President and First Lady”

 The whole gang of marching presidents and first ladies is excited about meeting the “new guys.” Among the new marchers this year is Louise Jones as Eleanor Roosevelt, Larry Cain as Rutherford Hayes, Wyatt Lazenby as Lyndon Johnson and Leea Davis as Pat Nixon.